Silver Hands – Historical Fantasy – Elizabeth Hopkinson

Top Hat Books is an imprint of John Hunt Publishing which specialises in Historical Fiction. I run it. Starting it up was a huge learning curve, and the opportunity to do so was completely out of the blue. I’ve had moments when I wanted to give up, and long weeks of frustration. Our first book, They Walked Into Darkness, was published a few weeks ago.

Today, Silver Hands is published. This is the first Top Hat release that I’d been involved in right from the start, and it’s hugely exciting to me. I always said I wanted to publish the historical fiction that breaks away from the norm, and Elizabeth Hopkinson has done it.

I met her at Swanwick Writers’ Summer School last year, in August. We chatted. She told me about her book. I was interested. I urged her to have a look at Top Hat Books.

She did, and she submitted her manuscript, and I was blown away by the mix of fantasy, classic literature, travel and pure history – all wrapped up in a jolly good story. This was her first book and the JHP way is to be quite risk-averse – well, like all publishers, really. If a first novelist, with no following, offers us a book, we often offer a contract which asks for a subsidy from the author. In this case, I felt strongly that the book was of such quality, and the author very clued in to publicity, that we could offer a good contract that involved no author subsidy. It was a risk. I’m still praying I was right and that the reading public – YOU! – will back me up and go and buy it.

There is a review and a giveaway happening here.

It’s available on and in print and ebook, and is in bookshops – if it’s not on the shelf, you can order it with the print ISBN 978-1-78099-872-5

Find out more about Elizabeth on her website The Hidden Grove.

And please, if you buy it, do review it! Prove me right and save me from sinking into alcoholic despair…

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  1. #1 by Linda Parkinson-Hardman on April 26, 2013 - 11:21 am

    Thanks for sharing the link to Elizabeth’s interview – much appreciated :-)

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