Other Projects

Since Spring 2012: I am developing a new imprint under John Hunt Publishing. Top Hat Books will publish historical fiction. Watch this space!

Since 2010: I started as a general proofreader for loveyoudivine Alterotica, a US ebook publisher of alternative erotica. I also did some book covers (quite hard to source the necessary images!) and wrote a few myself (As Jay Lancaster). I maintain their server and arrange the weekly updates to their website, and I am a Managing Editor which means working with an author from raw manuscript up to and including ebook file conversion and release.

Since, like, forever: illustration – for loveyoudivine, and for local writers, and tattoo designs, and pretty much anything else. I’ve done murals on walls and paintings on cars and once, memorably, a design on a leather jacket that got the wearer stopped by the police. Yeah, that’s how I roll.

Mostly 2008-2010: storytelling – at Alcester Mini Folk Festival and local events around Redditch, Worcestershire.

2008-2010: educational book reviews. WriteAway (now Just Imagine) get teachers and educators to review books in their subject area, so for a happy two years I was swamped by a pile of lush Art textbooks and picture books.

photo of me storytelling What do I do when I’m not writing, drawing, eating and cycling? I’m a private tutor, bimbling around Lancashire teaching confidence maths to kids and English to adult speakers of other languages. I teach one day a week in Further Ed, too.

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